The Solution is an outreach of Awakenings Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to creating a more loving world where the unique gifts that each person brings are honored and nurtured.

Where Awakenings Institute Started

Awakenings Institute was started in California in the 1990's with this dream:

Imagine a world where love is the guiding force,
where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect,
where all are nurtured in allowing their gifts to blossom,
to manifest the joy of living in each moment…

Imagine a world where all of nature is also honored,
so all may live in harmony and share an increasingly vibrant
and beautiful environment…

What we imagine we can create, starting in this moment.
This vibrant world will come into being as each of us empowers ourselves
to live the dream now and share it with others.
Playing a part in the creation of this dream is the mission of Awakenings Institute.

In this dream, there is no poverty, because everyone is nurtured and loved. This love also eliminates the focus on fear and separation as we bridge the divisions created by race, creed, and national borders to co-exist together in harmony. The environment synchronously benefits everyone, as people all over the world shift their focus to a more holistic approach that creates balance rather than congesting our home planet with chemicals and toxic fumes.

Increasing our connections with our wholeness, which we may experience as God, the Creator, Source or simply Oneness, brings us closer to making this dream a reality. We have an inherent connection with divine order. As we evolve spiritually, we unite more with our inner wisdom, which, in turn, strengthens our connection with all-that-is. This evolutionary quest is an upward spiral, taking us to higher levels of consciousness and wholeness.

The Authors of The Solution

Jane Mountrose is the main author of The Solution. Her focus is on creating an opportunity for heart-centered people to make a difference and change the world with the power of love. Her uplifting approach to thriving in a troubled world helps everyone involved to transform the stressors in their lives, expand their possibilities, and build confidence in a bright future for themselves and the world as a whole. 

Jane, and her husband, Phillip Mountrose, are published authors, holistic life coaches and healers, trainers, ministers, and founding directors of the Awakenings Institute. With a deep understanding of the untapped power of love, their primary mission is to create a more loving world where everyone and everything can thrive.

Jane and Phillip have devoted more than three decades to developing and implementing a heart-centered approach to personal and spiritual growth. They empower readers, students, and clients to release limitations and create more richly fulfilling lives with greater flow, joy, and ease.

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